This Temple Creation is Dedicated to Mary Magdalene

For she was not a prostitute but an initiate in the ancient tantric arts. We are here to bring the sacredness back to sexuality and erotic energy.

This Temple Creation is Dedicated to Mary Magdalene

For she was not a prostitute but an initiate in the ancient tantric arts. We are here to bring the sacredness and innocence back to sexuality and erotic energy.

At the Rose Temple we practice healing through pleasure. I am a multiple lifetime tantrika and I have extensive background in vibrational healing and psychic and intuitive practices.

For me having a body focused session is great but I extra love to active and share deeper wisdom around energy and how it can support relationships and sexuality.

I can teach you how to please your partner, get you ready to attract a new partner, as well as upgrade your own energy body so you become more magnetic and aware.

I also love to educate on the erotic blueprints to help you and your partners get more turned on and am well learned in trauma healing as well as attachment wounding. I am a healer, so if you are coming to me that is what you are going to get.

Members can book online. Non members can message Phenix at
828 - 761 - 3311


You can find out more about what kind of sessions I do in this intro video below or read the FAQ at the bottom of this page.

Member sessions

$300 per hour

Non Member Sessions

$350 per hour

We were all born through pleasure and we are here to help you

heal through pleasure to activate and restore your body.



From your head to your toes, these experiences

are meant to

help your body

to come alive.

Our natural state of being is highly sensational and highly aroused but most of the world has become disconnected, our life force is dulled and for some pleasure is a rare occurrence.

Not only do we have powers to heal but the practioners here are also trained in esoteric and intuitive arts. These beings will help you drop into your body and they will love and adore you because love is the most powerful healing force there is.

Code of Conduct

Our priestesses deserve to be loved and cherished and so we hold our temple to a high standard of care and respect.

We practice a culture of consent - asking before taking and honoring boundaries and sovereignty.

No kissing, grabbing or groping or mutual touch of genitals.

• We value our time and energy. If you schedule an appointment and do not attend without advance notice you will be denied access to our temple in the future and moved to our block list.

•Please arrive to your sessions clean or be willing to shower upon arrival.

•If you are late your session will still end at the original ending time.

•The investment is for time and energy only. Anything beyond that is agreed upon between consenting adults.

A session deposit is preffered upon booking. Your deposit is non refundable.

Payment is due at beginning of session.

• We are so excited to spend time with you.



Did You Know That Men Do This Work Too?

Meet Elowan

Elowan and I love to do four handed sessions together where you get to experience both the masculine and the feminine.

He is also a phenomenal practitioner on his own. Trained in body work, various tantra trainings and through the Rose Temple. He offers a potent and healing masculine touch! He is available to work with beings of all genders, shapes and sizes and will get you loved up and rebalanced in no time...oh and boy is he gorgeous!

Our four handed sessions in New York are $600 come and get a double dose of love or experiment with your bi-curiosity. He is certainly a safe haven for that.

Elowan's solo sessions are $300 - $1000 sliding scale per hour. He is a big fan of gift economy, meaning he gives you a service and you give him a gift in exchange, you get to decide how much that gift is!

To schedule text Elowan at: 720-295-1881

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a session?

Every person is unique in why they are arriving and I love to work with each person indivudally. However, most sessions include a tantric body work session where you get touched sensually from your head to your toes. Some people come to relax and receive, some come to learn about tantra and energy, some come for relational issues, some people want help with sexual issues like impotence, PE, numbness, trauma and sexual addiction.

I am interested in the healing aspect of tantra more than providing sexual experiences.

I am very well educated in energy healing and incorporate some form of this into every session. If you read up about me, you may also learn that I am a skillful shamanic/esoteric practitioner and can do things like, psychic readings, past life readings, psychic surgery, trauma healing, tarot, teach astral travel and all sorts of cool things that tend to be underutilized with certain menfolk. I love sharing these other gifts, feel free to ask me about them.

I'm also a phenomenal business coach for spiritual and healing business owners. You can check out my other business at:

Do you work with PE?

Premature ejaculation is incredibly common for people. I do teach and provide healing and information on how to overcome PE. It is totally possible!

Do you work with couples?

I adore working with couples!!!! I can work with you and your partner in a variety of ways. We can offer 4 handed sessions - with a male and female combo (I highly reccomend).

I can teach you how to relate and practice tantra together, I help you learn how to give to each other better, and I can guide to you to become better and more attuned lovers.

I do not charge extra for couples, same rates apply.

Do you have sex with clients?

I am in a monagmous partnership that I adore. I do not and have not ever offered full service (full service means penetrative sex). I am more interested in teaching tantra and providing sensual healing sessions.

I have never budged on this, even if you offer me more money, I am not for sale!

I do provide full body sensual massage/tantric touch.

I also love working with men to teach them how to date and relate better, so I am available for this type of experience or going out with you but without intercourse at the end!

FAQ image

Is there a happy ending?

It is illegal for me to answer this question with a yes! I would never put it in writing or in a text message so please don't ask! There is always some form of happy ending when you take care of yourself and your body!

Where are you located?

I work from my home temple space in Weaverville, NC - its 15 to 20 minutes North West of Asheville. I keep it private and am the only one here when I do sessions. The location is pretty discreet and my neighbors know I do healing work.

Right now I am not traveling for work so much but am open to in the future.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

I request and prefer that you either pay for your session in advance through one of the booking links or that you send in a $100 deposit via paypay or venmo. Unfortunately for you (and me), there are people who do not respect the time and energy it goes into preparing for a session and while no shows are not frequent, they happen enough to be disruptive, frustrating and a huge waste of time and energy which is why I ask for a deposit now. It happens enough that I am seeking a solution and way to ensure the honoring of one's word. While its not required it is preffered and appreciated.

Venmo: @Phenix1111

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