Rose Temple Membership 

Our membership is not required to book a session and you can cancel anytime through your account on Kajabi using the login and password you will receive when you sign up. You may use a temple name in place of your real name if you desire.

Occasionally I will send out an email to let you know I am in town or if I am making temple changes but otherwise you will not get emails from us.

Hello Asheville!  
I recently moved to Asheville from Colorado and will be seeing clients  here now. 


or $200 per year

Joining gets you a $100 discount on sessions as long as you’re a member! It is not required and you can book an executive session for $100 extra anytime. 

+ Members get access to discounts for sessions and events and access to my online tantric training resources and classes. 

 I way prefer working with members because they have watched an intro video (and maybe many videos)  that shares the lingo and concepts which gives us a shared language and foundation before you come in.  

Flexible Payment Options:

per year

Bitcoin checkout option available.


per month

Member sessions are $400 per hour.


non member

One Hour Session


You must text a photo of your ID to book.

One of your member perks is a complementary video where you will learn some of our energy tools that will be important for you to know for your sessions.

These video is 30 minutes long and I preffer that you watch it before you schedule sessions with the temple practitioners.

There is a code word hidden in the video that you must share with us so we know you have completed watching before booking

Apply for Membership


Currently the site is having technical difficulties with the website host.  In order to become a member you do have to fill out the form however, you must invest in your temple membership through a button above!  The page that you will see after filling this form out is one of the pages with an error we are trying to get fixed!

Every member of our temple is pre-screened to maintain the safety and privacy of our priestesses. Once form is submitted, you'll have the choice of paying monthly or annually for membership.

Code of Conduct

  • Our priestesses deserve to be loved and cherished and so we hold our temple to a high standard of care and respect.

  • We practice a culture of consent - asking before taking and honoring boundaries and sovereignty.

  • No kissing, grabbing or groping or mutual touch of genitals.
  • We value our time and energy. If you schedule an appointment and do not attend without advance notice you will be denied access to our temple in the future and moved to our block list.

  • Please arrive to your sessions clean or be willing to shower upon arrival.

  • If you are late your session will still end at the original ending time.

  • The investment is for time and energy only.  Anything beyond that is agreed upon between consenting adults. 
  • A 50% session deposit is due upon booking. Your deposit is non refundable
  • Payment is due at beginning of session. 
  • We are so excited to spend time with you.